AmeriCore-FR (Fire Retardant) is the preeminent core material in the bath, spa, and pool industries and is ideal for uniformly increasing the thickness and stiffness of laminates. Conformable to almost any shape, AmeriCore lays flat on
surfaces, chemically bonds to the laminate, and minimizes air pockets and weak spots. AmeriCore is the ideal replacement for wood, cardboard, and other reinforcements because it adds tremendous strength without absorbing water,
rotting, or decomposing. Using AmeriCore also saves customers money by eliminating time-consuming steps in the manufacturing process while also improving the quality and consistency of the finished goods.

Common Tub, Spa, and Pool applications:

  • Floor and wall laminates
  • Pool tanning ledges
  • Seats
  • Water slides

Fiber Shield has been specifically engineered to decrease production costs while
simultaneously improving the cosmetics and quality of the finished products.
Sprayed directly behind the gel coat, Fiber Shield creates an unsurpassed barrier
that will mitigate heat, shrinkage, and fiber print from the laminate to the finished
surface. Fiber Shield also minimizes air entrapment, fills in radii, and greatly
reduces or eliminates the need for rework of the finished surfaces. In addition to
greatly improving the surface quality of products, Fiber Shield also greatly extends
the life of molds by protecting against laminate heat and shrinkage.
When used in pools and water slides, Fiber Shield’s vinyl-ester-based barrier coat
is the perfect replacement for a vinyl-ester skin coat because it provides the same
or better blister resistance, but sprays on evenly without air pockets — eliminating
the need to roll out the barrier layer. With a quick cure time (under 20 minutes),
the bulk laminate can be built directly on top of the Fiber Shield layer which
greatly reduces the build time for each pool and slide.

Common Tub, Spa, and Pool applications:

  • Shower and Tub surfaces
  • Pools
  • Water slides