Fibershield™ sprays on uniformly, even on complex surfaces.
Fibershield™ sprays on uniformly, even on complex surfaces.
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Fiber Shield™

Fiber Shield™ is a lightweight and sprayable barrier coat and print blocker. It blocks print, drastically reduces orange peel, and greatly improves thermal shock resistance. Fiber Shield™ also allows manufacturers to accelerate the production cycle compared to laminates fabricated using a conventional skin coat.

Fiber Shield™ Barrier Coats are sprayable barrier coats, available in either a vinyl-ester version or a general-purpose resin, that greatly enhances the cosmetics of components where it is used. More specifically, Fiber Shield™ Barrier Coats can be used to eliminate "print-through" of glass reinforcements and cores and create a mirror-like finish on surfaces, even when dark colors are used. Effective in both hand-laid and infused laminates, Fiber Shield™ Barrier Coats minimize air entrapment and significantly reduces or eliminates the need for finishing rework.  In addition to greatly improving the quality of products made with it, Fiber Shield™ Barrier Coats also extends
the life of molds by protecting against laminate heat and shrinkage. For components that are frequently exposed to water, Fiber Shield’s 100% vinyl-ester-based version provides excellent blister resistance.  Fiber Shield’s vinyl-ester-based barrier coat sprays on evenly without air pockets reducing air voids. Fiber Shield will help produce a mirror-like finish in shops with demanding process times, easing the burden on lamination to produce class A finish parts the first time without rework.


  • Shields the finished surface from heat, shrinkage and fiber print of the laminate, providing a great surface profile
  • 100% premium Vinyl-ester-resin base for superior blister resistance, toughness and fatigue resistance
  • Reduces or eliminates gel coat rework
  • Reduces the textured appearance (orange peel) on finishes
  • Reduces air voids by filling smaller radii
  • Reduces wear and tear on molded surfaces
  • Lightweight
  • Low VOC mixture/MACT compliant
  • Improves impact resistance
  • Reduces stress cracking
  • Improves NVH quality of the laminate
  • Forgiving and easy to apply