Fiber Shield Squish Mold ™

Fiber Shield Squish Mold

Fiber Shield™ Squish Mold (FSSM) is a polyester-resin based matrix engineered to build high-quality parts in closed-molds with reduced labor and process times.  FSSM is a quick, two-step lamination process – apply it at low pressure using a chopper gun with fiberglass gun roving and then close the mold to squish out any air. FSSM significantly reduces the cycle time for light-RTM parts and builds superior parts with low shrinkage.  It eliminates the labor-intensive process of cutting and placing layers of expensive glass fabrics into the mold and pumping resin through the part under vacuum.  Most parts can be built and pulled in one to two hours -- (mold and ambient temperature dependent).  FSSM works with most existing light-RTM molds but will require a few minor modifications before use.

FSSM is packaged with specially formulated resin mixed with patented preblended additives and available in 55-gallon drums.