AmeriCore-LD has been specifically engineered to be the most versatile and highest-performing sandwich-core for the marine industry. AmeriCore is the perfect core material for uniformly increasing the thickness and stiffness of
laminates without adding significant weight. Because it is comprised of 100% composite materials and is easy to use, it can give boat manufacturers a competitive advantage by reducing build time while increasing the quality of the
laminates. With its low weight and impressive mechanical properties, AmeriCore is the ideal core material to improve your vessel’s performance while also eliminating any fears about your core absorbing water, rotting, decomposing, or delaminating.

Common Marine Applications:

  • Hulls
  • Decks
  • Hard-top roofs
  • Seating
  • Engine covers
  • Swim platforms
  • Hatch covers
  • Stringers
  • Rudders

Fiber Shield is engineered to be the ultimate barrier coat and print blocker for the marine industry. Sprayed directly behind the gel coat, Fiber Shield creates an unsurpassed barrier that will mitigate heat, shrinkage, and fiber print from the
laminate to the finished surface. Effective in both infused and hand-laid laminates, Fiber Shield will help produce a mirror-like finish on hulls and components in shops with demanding process times, easing the burden on
lamination to produce ‘Class A finish’ parts the first time without rework. For components that are frequently exposed to water, Fiber Shield’s 100% vinyl-ester-based version provides excellent blister resistance.

Common Marine Applications:

  • Hulls
  • Small parts
  • Tooling

AmeriCore-Boards are custom-made fiberglass-reinforced panels that meet the most demanding requirements of marine industry. AmeriCore-Boards are a versatile product and have practical applications in all types and sizes of vessels –
with uses in the smallest sailboats all the way up to the largest cruise ships. Each AmeriCore-Board panel is constructed in one solid piece, is waterproof, and has excellent screw retention. AmeriCore-Board panels are strong yet lightweight and
offer the potential to maximize your vessel’s performance and ensure the most comfortable ride on the water.

Featured Use

AmeriCore-Boards are especially beneficial for pontoon boat manufacturers because it drastically reduces the build time for each boat. Because each AmeriCore-Board panel is constructed in one solid piece and has excellent screw
retention, pontoon manufacturers can simply attach the panel to the frame without the need for sealing or connecting flooring together.